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Power Pro Super 8 Slick Braided Fishing Line, 20-Pound/300-Yard, Yellow


Dyneema Yellow Braid Fishing Line 300M 30LB

The Sufix fishing line weaves a story that rivals all tall fish tales. The bright yellow fishing line is the hero of our story, as it survives weeds, trees, shipwrecks, and a giant gator. But the big one can’t escape his ultimate fate. Like all good stories, our hero Sufix line leaves us with a fairy tale catch. The spot was scheduled to air in the American southeast, and internationally after that.

Yellow Fishing Line, 18 Pound Test 300 Yards by Ardent®. Ardent Gliss is a 4th form of fishing line that is produced by a breakthrough extrusion process of high modulus polyethylene fiber. Developed through a 5 year proprietary process, Gliss has multiple superior performance characteristics to fluorocarbon, monofilament, and braid line. Gliss has near zero stretch and the lowest diameter to strength of any line. This Yellow 18 lb. Test Fishing Line is much thinner than typical braid which allows leaders to be tied with out hanging up in the micro guides of bass rods. You can get down faster due to its small diameter and cuts right through the water. Easiest line to fish with because it has zero line twist. Softness of Gliss produces superior castibility resulting in an increased distance.

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