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Trik Fish SWL0005001 Mono SW Leader Wrist Spool 50-Pound, 50-Yards, Clear


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Trik Fish Fluorocarbon Fishing Line Spool is the first choice for anglers when it comes to strong, user-friendly fishing line. Trik Fish Fluorocarbon Line has proven to be the most abrasion-resistant line, along with great knot strength, and crystal clear, even in higher pound testing. The fishing line is supple and easy to tie in any condition. 50 yds. 80-lb. test line.

Discover our range of Trik Fish Fishing Line. We fish all the time, too! For this reason we have one of the best selections of Fishing Line from Trik Fish. The right is indispensable when you find yourself on the lake and has specialized their resources to crafting the very best Fishing Line available today. If you are out to catch some panfish, bass, walleye or steelhead - Trik Fish Fishing Line delivers the right product so you can indulge in reeling in your catch. By using Fishing Line from Trik Fish, we are confident you will be able to notice the strike and reel in the the great fish. Our representatives are waiting to aid answer questions you will have in choosing the right Trik Fish Fishing Line. Orders of $49 or more feature FREE shipping and handling!

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Trik Fish Fluorocarbon Line 200yd