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Sufix Fishing Line - The World's Most Hardcore Fishing Line. Sufix is the leader in precision-engineering superior premium fishing line.

Sufix Elite fishing line is a premium monofilament line specifically engineered for precision casting that dominates in every performance category. Sufix exclusive J7 Micro Resin formula provides the perfect balance of superior strength and toughness with easy handling and casting. Sufix Elite is wound on wide, oversized spools using what they call G2 Precision Winding to virtually eliminate line memory for trouble-free spooling. For a tough but limp line try the Sufix Elite.

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Durability: During the lab experiments the Sufix DNA fishing line inboth 12 and 20lb. test demonstrated its abilities in stretch and breakinglimits, and its abrasion resistance through tough tests. Now the trialbegins where it really counts, on and around the habitat of the fish. The first thing that I would like to emphasize again is that the DNA has a silicontreatment. This silicon application is super in the casting category, but it is also beneficial in durability. Some fishing lines dry up quickly and do not even last half a season, especially if you fish as much asI do. This silicon treatment prolongs the life of the DNA fishing line, minimizing the amount of times one needs to re-spool during afishing season.