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Stren High Impact Monofilament Fishing Line, Clear, 490-Yard/25-Pound


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Tool-wise, all that you’ll need is a good pair of pliers; regular and needle nose both work fine. The rigging accessories are fairly inexpensive and are readily available at your local sporting goods store or online. The heart of the T.R. system is the anchor line and happily there are options to suit any hunting scenario. Popular choices include traditional braided nylon decoy cord, high strength monofilament fishing line, and plastic decoy anchor line. You’ll also need metal line crimps (two per decoy), adjustable nylon clasps (for my setups), large snap-type fishing swivels (one per decoy), and a lead anchor. I find that the pyramid and mushroom style lead weights work best on the silty-gravel stream beds that I hunt most often. In any case, be sure to pick a lead anchor heavy enough to keep your decoys from drifting away in heavy currents and blustery winds. I favor the 4 oz. Tanglefree mushroom anchors for the streams and river that I hunt.

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Originally Posted by InvisibleWombat
Sure, if you're catching five-pound trout. If you're out in the ocean catching marlins, you don't lift them by the line. You gaff or harpoon them when you get them up close to the boat.
This line of discussion started with my post about the fish weighing nothing in water. I posted that to clear the air in advance about fish and the strength of fishing line. Unless you have encountered the phenomenon you would be flabbergasted at the number of people who are mystified by the fact that you can catch a 10 lb. fish on 6 lb. line.

Fishing Line: The Truth About Breaking Strength

The heart of the TR system is the anchor line; happily, there are options to suit any hunting scenario. Popular choices include traditional braided nylon decoy cord, high-strength monofilament fishing line and plastic decoy anchor line.

The new spectra lines are available in 50lb, 80lb, 130lb, 160lb 220lb and 330lbs breaking strains and are three times the tensile strength of fishing line.