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Just hooking him isn’t enough. You’ve gotta fight that big boy in, and Field & Stream Fishing Line will help you do the job. The last thing you need is for your line to snag or break against the pull of the fish. The Field & Stream Angler Braided Line brings strength and durability to your day on the water. The braided line’s fine fibers have been coated to produce an extremely smooth feel, allowing the line to easily flow through guides, while protecting it from the toughest conditions. The olive coloring camouflages under water.

I recently received a spool of Field and Stream braided fishing line to field test. After putting the line through a tournament and some abuse fun fishing, I was very impressed. However, I must admit, my expectation was not high. My first thought, this line will be cheaply made and possibly a knock off. I’ve not seen Field and Stream braided line on the shelf at any sporting goods store, much less even heard of it. Needless to say, my starting expectations were low. As I used it and performed some basic testing, my appreciation grew. I now have a new braided line in my arsenal.

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    Field & Stream Fishing Line – Your fishing line could be your most critical piece of fishing equipment. Sure, selecting the right rod, reel and lure are important, but all of that does you no good if your line breaks on a snag or against the pull of the fish. Your line is not only the tether between you and the fish, but it also plays a significant role in how your bait and lures are presented. Field & Stream kept all of these factors in mind when designing its new fishing line. Available in both braided and monofilament options, the new Field & Stream fishing line can make big-fish possibilities a reality.