500M 200LB Dyneema Braid Speargun Fishing Line



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Attaches to the spearfishing float line that is attached to the speargun or speargun shaft. The first attachment point is for the float line, the second attachment point is for an additional float line and float, and the third attachment point in the center is extra. Streamlined for low drag through the water. 5″ diameter by 24″ long. Yellow. Made in The USA

A spearfishing line needs to be strong and resistant without being too hard. That is because very often when you hunt for bigger fish, you end up pulling them towards you.

How to make a homemade spearfishing float line

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Vegas Spearo
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Re: Best Spearfishing Line?

After trying out all these new cutting edge lines.... you will soon come back to conventional lines. Mono is cheap, doesn't tangle easy and has memory. There's a reason so many spearos used it.... it works. If you don't like mono, the Rob Allen line is more rigid than normal spectra/ dyneema and may work for you. I know some people use thin cable now too, which Mako spearguns actually sells. I think that would be a nightmare though if you got tangled in it underwater

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