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Created with RIO’s XS and AgentX technologies and built with a slick coating over a medium stiff monofilament core, the line will not tangle in cooler conditions. The Winter Redfish line comes in WF8F, WF9F, and WF10F sizes and features RIO’s DualTone color system with a gray head and an orange running line that allows anglers to easily find the perfect loading point of the line. It also has welded loops on both ends for easy rigging. Find this line at any RIO dealer for $89.95.

RIO has lead the way in specialty fly lines. That paid off in 4 big wins at the IFTD show this year. One of the great new products which won was the Winter Redfish Line. An aggressive taper made for targeting bull reds in the colder months.

CAJUN ADVANTAGE Cajun Red Fishing Line- 4000 Yd Spool Mono- 25 lb Red


Cajun Red Cast Fishing Line, 10-Pound, 1450-Yards - Outdoor Stuffs

he Winter Redfish line is designed for anglers targeting big Gulf Reds in cooler conditions. Typical fishing conditions in the gulf in winter can mean extremely short casts (due to low light and murky water) as well as the need to make fast, long casts to ranging bulls. RIO’s Winter Redfish line with a short, easy-loading head and thicker handling section behind the head does both jobs with exceptional ease. In addition, the line features a short, powerful front taper that has no problem turning over large mullet and baitfish patterns.

RIO Products’ Winter Redfish line won “Best New Saltwater Fly Line” at the annual ICAST / International Fly Tackle Dealers in Orlando last July. We have not tested this line yet, but will when the coastal marsh waters chill a bit or we can get a hold of one for more serious Montauk striper and albie rumbling.