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Berkley NanoFil Uni-Filament Fishing Line - 150 Yard (12-Pounds Test)


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“Thin and smooth” are the first words that you think of when you touch NanoFil. Berkley sent me a 300-yard sample of their Clear Mist (white) 12-pound NanoFil fishing line and this stuff is definitely unique. I’ve never handled anything quite like it in over 50 years of wetting a line. After your first cast, you just know that you are using something “totally different.”

There has been a lot of mixed feelings on the new Berkley NanoFil fishing line. Some people say it's not reliable, breaks at the knot easily. Others say it's amazing, it's strong and casts a mile. Here's what we thought about it.

Not a mono, fluoro or braid -- The Next Generation in Fishing Line

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    Explanation of the revolutionary new Berkley Nanofil fishing line by Mike Thrussell. This includes a simple and clear explanation of the correct knots to use with Nanofill that attain the best knot strength and performance.

    Anglers have probably seen the buzz and announcements about Berkley NanoFil fishing line on our site and other places by now. It’s going to be a big deal at ICAST we predict. However we could send out all the press and cool videos and tell you it was great, but that’s really not our style. ...