When To Use Mono filament Fishing Line?

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Designed for saltwater fishing, the Stren® High Impact™ Monofilament Fishing Line can be used for casting, spinning and trolling. This monofilament line is shock absorbent and durable and features high-tensile strength. Made in USA.

The heart of the TR system is the anchor line; happily, there are options to suit any hunting scenario. Popular choices include traditional braided nylon decoy cord, high-strength monofilament fishing line and plastic decoy anchor line.

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HI-SEAS popular Quattro Plus monofilament camouflage fishing line provides excellent performance while retaining all the qualities that anglers have come to love, especially its ability to disappear underwater! Quattro Plus does for fishing line what camouflage clothes do for a hunter - it breaks up visual patterns so it blends into the background. Its unique formulation gives it incredible linear and impact strength with excellent abrasion resistance. It’s one line that won’t give up on you during the hottest bite. That’s why Quattro Plus is the choice of so many top pros on the SKA Tournament Trail!

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Real ducks are usually moving around, creating ripples. To make your decoy spread more realistic, add a string to one or more of the imposters and use it when ducks are in sight. All it involves is tying a length of monofilament fishing line to a decoy and running the line into the blind. Don’t pull too aggressively – you’re just trying to make the water move, not add splashes, and you don’t want the decoy coming back to the blind.

Pictured left to Right: Chief Sustainability Officer Erin Reilley, North Hempstead Town Supervisor Judi Bosworth, and Chief Bay Constable Mal Nathan with the monofilament fishing line that was collected through the town’s collection receptacles.