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0.2mm Diameter Clear Nylon Fish Fishing Line Spool Beading String by Como


Monofilament Line Copolymer Line Braided Fishing Line ..

Monofilament was the most common line for fishing for many years. It may still be, but it’s declined in popularity because of the innovation behind the other two. Monofilament is a single fiber of nylon that is spun individually or with other polymers (co-polymer line) then extruded to form a nylon line that is .

are special lines used for the fixed-line fishing method of tenkara. Traditionally these are furled lines the same length as the tenkara rod. Although original to Japan, these lines are similar to the British tradition of . They consist of several strands being twisted together in decreasing numbers toward the tip of the line, thus creating a taper that allows the line to cast the fly. It serves the same purpose as the fly-line, to propel a fly forward. They may be tied of various materials, but most commonly are made of monofilament.

Pole anf Line Fishing in Maldives

  • Dropline
  • Drum lines
  • Handline fishing
  • Jiggerpole
  • Jigging
  • Jug fishing
  • Longline fishing
  • Spin fishing
  • Trolling
  • Trotline


A nice golden dorado caught on a crease fly while fly fishing in Argentina on the Rio Parana. Grab your Lateral Line and or Crisfield Summer Tropical for your next fly fishing adventure. Take a picture with a fish and your Lateral Line fishing apparel and send it to us, we’ll publish it in our blog and send you a Lateral Line sticker as a thank you. (Lateral Line fishing hat and Crisfield fishing shirt pictured next to the dorado on the fly fishing dude, with the trying to be cool, sunglasses)

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