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Tri-Poseidon® 500M Super Strong Japan Braided Fishing Lines Multifilament 40LB Multi Color (green)


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4LB 100% Japanese Fluorocarbon Fishing Line Spec's:Manufacturer: jeely 4lb to 200lb are availableTrilene Big Game Fluorocarbon 100% Product Code: BGFLC100-AB Colour: transparentLine Weight: 4lb (1.8kg) Length: 50m,100m,150m,200m,250m,500m,1000m can be chosenLine diameter: 0.16mm With Dispencing Pouch suitable for lure storage.

JEELY 100% Japanese Fluorocarbon Fishing Line Big Game leader features extreme shock strength, excellent abrasion resistance and outstanding clarity.

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Sunline is a Japanese fishing line manufacturer established in 1977.

The company produces every conceivable type of fishing line for every type of target and method. Materials include nylon, fluorocarbon, ultra high molecular weight polyethylene, polyester (polyethylene terephthalate), and metal.

Sunline maintains top share in the Japanese fishing line market and exports its lines to more than 40 countries worldwide.

The fundamental concept at Sunline has always been to develop a thinner, stronger fishing line. The company is constantly challenging itself to give full play to its original technology in the creation of new products.

As we all search for that competitive edge, whether that’s against another tournament opponent or the fish we love to catch, we are constantly looking for any additional edge we can find. We try to capitalize on any benefit we can gain and do so hopefully efficiently. One of the easiest ways to get that edge is to invest in Japanese fishing line.