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Berkley IronSilk Fishing Line, Green, 300yd./6 lb.


Berkley IronSilk Fishing Line – Jack's Tackle

While determining which irons silk fishing lines to choose, you ought to look upon some key factors, like toughness and brands seriously, which helps you to buy the fishing lines with pleasant features. For example, they are excellent at insuring you can catch fishes of large sizes fast.

I'd appreciate your thoughts and comments on Berkley's new IronSilk fishing line. Since it's been out for a while now and some of you have used it, how do you feel it stacks up against mono and braid? Is it as abrasion resistant, sensitive, and low-memory as bragged about?

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  • $13.27 FREE SHIPPING Berkley Ironsilk Monofilament Fishing Line 17 Lb (300 Yd) Irsfs17-22 Green Country Sportsman We are a Sporting Goods Store in Rome, GA. Since: 1985 You are buying a NEW: Berkley IronSilk Monofilament Fishing Line Color: Green Item #IRSFS17-22 This item features:Break Strength: 17 lb/7.7 kg Length: 300 yd/274 m Diameter: 0.0...
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