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There are many places you can buy ice fishing line. Check your local ice fishing store. The advantage of doing this is that you can see the line in person and so get a good idea of how it looks and feels. However we recommend looking on line.

You might be wondering why you can’t go ice fishing with a normal line. You might have some lying around and are thinking about using it rather than investing in an ice fishing line. Well there are a number of reasons to pick yourself up an ice fishing line. We shall have a look at these reasons below.

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    2 - 100 YARD SPOOLS SUFIX 10 LB - ICE MAGIC COLD WATER FISHING LINE - ICE FISHING LINE - CLEAR. Sufix ice magic is an all temperature fishing line. Designed to stay manageable even in frigid water. Ic...
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    When I started ice fishing line choice was simple. You used mono on “jiggle sticks” and Dacron on tip-ups. Pound test was determined by size of fish targeted—2- or 4-pound test for panfish, 8-pound for walleye, and 20 or so for pike.

    Western Filament is a worldwide leader in high-performance braided fishing line and fibers. Our leadership with TUF-LINE pioneered the use of braided Spectra® fibers in fishing lines. All of our braided fishing lines and fishing accessories are manufactured within our U.S. facility and meet the highest aerospace standards for quality. Whether braided superline, Dacron® fishing line, Dacron fly line backing or vinyl coated ice fishing lines, choose the TUF-LINE and Western Filament name for superior performance.