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The fishing line sensor may also include a flag mounted to the base having a first lowered positioned and a second raised position. A device may be provided for releasably retaining the flag in the first position responsive to the rotation of the reel. The fishing line sensor may also include a device for biasing the flag from the first position to the second position such that when the flag is placed in the first position and the reel rotated, the flag will be released and biased into the second position.

Referring now to the drawings wherein like reference numerals indicate like elements throughout the several views, FIG. 1 shows, in perspective, a fishing line sensor 10 in accordance with the present invention. Fishing line sensor 10 may include conventional components of an ice fishing tip-up, including a base 12 and a tube 14 pivotable with respect to the base 12 about an axle 16. A shaft 18 (a portion of which is shown in FIG. 3) extends through tube 14 and is rotatable within tube 14. A reel 20 is shown connected to one end of shaft 18 and is rotatable with shaft 18, as is a housing 24, as will be discussed hereinafter. Sensor 10 may also include a flag-mounting shaft 22.

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In addition to the previously recited well-known tip-up elements, the sensor includes a housing 24, for enclosing a signalling device, rigidly connectable to shaft 18 opposite reel 20. The fishing line sensor 10 may include means, visible at night, and means for producing an audible signal in response to a fish strike. The audible signal can signal a fisherman that a fish is on the line even when the fishing line sensor is not visible, for example, when the fisherman is in a ice fishing house. Applicants sensor 10 is particularly useful at night, although it also may be used during the day. Each signal may also be produced intermittently in response to the rate at which a fish runs with the line.

The fishing line sensor may also include a housing having a removable cover. The housing may be configured to substantially enclose the signalling device.