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Many parks and recreation areas have now installed used fishing line containers within easy walking distance to fishing areas where fishing line, weights, leads, hooks and lures can be properly and safely disposed of. I find it sad that even in locations with these containers that I still find fishing line and hooks on the ground presenting dangers to birds, wildlife and people. Is there an excuse for not walking a few feet to get rid of these items in a safe manner? I don’t think so.

Thanks for commenting on this serious problem Ruth. I don’t know if there are fines for leaving fishing line or hooks around, I suspect it would be difficult to enforce.

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Fishing is one of the greatest pastimes ever created

I see and photograph the most incredible birds and wildlife often and it brings me much joy but there is a flip side to my photography that is saddening, maddening and very disheartening. I don’t always see beauty, sometimes I see pain, suffering and death. The dangers of fishing line and hooks for birds and other wildlife are real and damaging.

Reinforced stevedore knot in pic. 11, used for tying fishing line hooks to the large diameter, is a historic fishing site, which has been widely varies and at the present time.