Bentley Fishing Bobbers selection featuring fishing line eyelets

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How to repair a broken eye on a ..

Below collection of Bentley fishing bobbers is exclusively design to work with BFUSA bobber swivels. Click on image and select America’s top quality fishing floats. All models shown in below assortment are outfitted with fishing line eyelets.

To put fishing line through fishing rod eyelets, open up the bale of a spinning reel. Learn to thread fishing line into eyelets with this free fishing video from the owner of a fishing tackle store.

Expert: Larry Mastry
Bio: Larry Mastry and his brother Dale own Mastry's Tackle, a fixture in St. Petersburg, Fla., and together they have a half of a century's experience in fishing.
Filmmaker: Christopher Rokosz

How to fix an eye on a rod CHRIS MEDLIN

A fishing rod having provision for elimination of eyelet guide icing