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Firstly, most coloured fishing lines, whether clear, green, blue or red, are made that way so they are difficult for fish to see – an attempt at providing low visibility. This makes perfect sense when fishing in conditions where it is easy for fish to see the line. Obviously, the colour that most closely matches the hue of the water will blend in the best.

Multi-coloured braided fishing lines like Power Pro Depth Hunter are regarded by many to be specific jigging braids. Whilst this is one area where there a lot of benefits to using a multi-coloured line, the advantages of this type of line extends well beyond jigging alone. The ability to accurately know the depth of your rig is very beneficial when dropping baits down to large fish seen on the sounder, when lowering your rig to sit close to a snaggy bottom, as well as when catching live bait from schools showing on the sounder. Knowing the distance of the lure from the boat is also very useful when trolling, allowing multiple lures to be spaced appropriately to avoid tangles and put the lure right into the strike zone.

PowerPro Depth Hunter Multi-Colored Braid Fishing Line

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    Gone are the days when the single design of coloured fishing lines makes consumers disappointed. The pleasant news is that different colors and materials are here available for you to choose. They can, depending on your wishes, make you or your companions catch a number of things each time you go fishing. They are rather good for fishing with more confidence in your spare time.