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Hi-Seas Black Widow Co-Polymer Line, 3 Color Camouflage, 12 Pound Test, 300-Yard


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For fishing line braided is always the answer and brands such as spiderwire fishing line or power pro braided fishing line can be expensive. Whether you are using monofilament line, fluorocarbon fishing line, braid line or copolymer KastKing fishing line offers the best price!

Conclusion: Throughout the history fishing lines have evolved from asimple single strand to the present day braided, hybrid, and copolymer lineswhere each have their own benefits. Sufix, new to many but a favorite amongsome hardcore Anglers, has been in business for many years producing fishinglines for other big name companies. Now they have their own products andare making a big dent in the line market by introducing quality fishing lineslike the DNA. While DNA line might be hard to find, they are outthere. (Their other lines like the Tritanium Plus are now widely used andavailable at many e-tailor sites) The Sufix DNA copolymer fishing line is trueto its claims. The line is superb in casting, low memory, extra limp,and very smooth. The addition of the silicon treatment to the DNA is agreat bonus to us where it provides many benefits in terms of casting andlongevity of the fishing line. Plus the years of experience inmanufacturing fishing lines and other products have placed Sufix at the topamong process and quality, bringing trust and confidence among theirusers. The DNA gets high marks as it displayed great results after all our tests. We highly recommend this Copolymer line for any Angler looking forsomething new, that won't let you down. So next time you go out to wet aline, you won't go wrong if you make it Sufix DNA.

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    P-Line C21 Copolymer Fishing Line is constructed with Japanese raw materials and technology. The ultimate goal of P-Line’s engineers was to create a line that bridged the gap between two of their most popular lines - CX-Premium and CXX-Xtra Strong, while maintaining a great price point. By blending two different types of nylon into one line, P-Line was able to provide C21 with a soft construction for excellent castability. It literally flies off the reel with virtually no memory. Great for spinning or casting reels, P-Line C21 Copolymer Fishing Line does it all without putting a big dent in your wallet.

    P-Line C21 Copolymer Fishing Line is made from two types of nylon, with soft construction that’s designed to provide supreme castability and superior knot strength. P-Line C21 is the ultimate line for baitcasters or spinning gear.