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Sougayilang 500m/547Yards 4 Strands 12lb-72lb Multifilament Pe Superbraid and Braided Fishing Line (Grey Yellow Black Green Multicolor)


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We always aim to give you the best products at the best prices on the market, and the priced checked sticker (found on the right side of the product page) is our promise to you that that is exactly what you’re getting. No matter your budget, we have a line for you, so whether you’re looking for your first line that won’t let you down or you’re ready to upgrade to a truly outstanding line, you can find it on this dedicated carp fishing line page.

Carp Fishing Line and Specialist Fishing Line – Gardner have been manufacturing carp fishing and specialist fishing line for decades. With this wealth of experience and the rigorous testing that our team of in-house anglers put our lines through, you can be sure that you will be buying the best fishing lines available.


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    With all this choice, how do you pick the right line for you? Our blog features beginner’s guides for picking the perfect line or braid to suit the size of your target carp, as well as tips for how to load a line onto a spool. If you still have any additional queries regarding your perfect carp fishing line or braid, our customer services team are here to help. Their contact information and operating hours can be found on their dedicated webpage.