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With that said, I urge every angler to at least give fluorocarbon fishing line a shot and see what it can do to new techniques as well as some other tried and true techniques that we all use every time we hit the water. In many cases, the lack of line signature and the overall increase in the realism factor of the bait just may be the determining factor of putting more bass in your boat.

Another application for fluorocarbon line, which is certainly not new in any way, shape, or form, is to use it as leader material. Invisible line on a Carolina rig, when probing deep structure for finicky, lethargic bass, is a great plus and will most likely get many more fish in the boat as a result. As I have mentioned before, fluorocarbon fishing line has its own distinctive handling characteristics, different from monofiliment. As a result, some anglers who adapt to such characteristics, use the fluorocarbon as a leader all the time, regardless of presentation style. Usually, this requires the use of a blood knot to join the mono with the fluorocarbon line, and is fished as per normal. Though, by all means this is effective and certainly cheaper as a considerably smaller amount of the pricey fluorocarbon line is used, I only resort to this when long distance casting is necessary. This because mono will out-cast the considerably stiffer and more difficult to handle fluorocarbon lines.

one has to ask what the drawbacks are with fluorocarbon fishing line.

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  • Fluorocarbon Fishing Line, All It's Cracked Up To Be?

    Fluorocarbon should be used any time stealth and a subtle presentation are needed or preferred. This means that while having the line invisible all of the time might seem like a good idea, using this stuff when flipping jigs into timber would be likened to swatting flies with a Scud missile. In a word: pointless. Finesse fishing is really where this line comes into its own. In the past, anglers would go out of their way to cut down on line size, cut down on entry noise and make the bait look as natural as possible. But still, regardless of what they did, there would still be a huge line signature coming out of the bait. Now, with the aide of the new fluorocarbon fishing lines, in addition to having a very natural looking bait, you lose the one thing that could ruin a presentation in and of itself, that being the line signature. It should be noted that aside from being invisible there is a greater bonus to using fluorocarbon in a finesse application. Now that your line is invisible, you can use considerably heavier line weights. Which takes away the one thing that many bass anglers dread using finesse techniques: ultra light line.

    Fluorocarbon fishing line has been around for a long time in saltwater fishing, mostly used as leader material for line shy fish. As the manufacturing process improved, the line companies started introducing fluorocarbon fishing lines for freshwater fishing applications.