My spectras are bright yellow, hot pink, red or white.

Maxima Fishing Line Guide Spools, High Visibility Yellow, 15-Pound/600-Yard


that line wicked fast to keep the bright yellow.

The Sufix fishing line weaves a story that rivals all tall fish tales. The bright yellow fishing line is the hero of our story, as it survives weeds, trees, shipwrecks, and a giant gator. But the big one can’t escape his ultimate fate. Like all good stories, our hero Sufix line leaves us with a fairy tale catch. The spot was scheduled to air in the American southeast, and internationally after that.

If you have a hard time seeing your fishing line & need to use a bright color, such as bright yellow fishing line, then be sure to tie on a clear – or fluorocarbon leader. Do not let your bright yellow fishing line go down to your lure or bait.

HV (High Visibility) : Maxima Fishing Line

The Sufix Elite20 lb line is ideal for Tarpon tournaments