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KastKing SuperPower Low-Vis Gray Braided Fishing Line 500M(547 Yard)-40LB


Braid Fishing Line: The Good and Bad

Braided fishing lines, sometimes referred to as super lines, can carry huge loads at a fraction of the diameter of traditional monofilament line. This reduced diameter allows anglers to fit more line on their reels, as well as reach greater depths when bottom fishing. Braided fishing lines also have very little stretch, this allows anglers to sense small bites coming from great depths. Bullbuster premium braided fishing line is engineered for great casting and unmatched strength. Our brand direct business model allows serious anglers to buy premium braid at a fraction of traditionally astronomical prices.

With a thinner diameter, you can pack more fishing line onto your reel. You can cast farther because it is about a quarter of the diameter of monofilament. Braid is very durable and sensitive at the same time. You can feel fish biting easier because it has very limited stretching properties. Since there is little to no stretch, you have the ability to easily set the hook. Also, braided fishing line has no memory (unlike mono) which means it won’t twist up after being on you reel for a long time. This product is enhanced by tying on fluorocarbon leaders!

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    Register your reels with us so that we can help recommend you lines, or try our braided backing and mono topshot calculators to do it yourself. We are ready to help you spend more time on the water with our brand direct braided fishing lines delivered directly to your doorstep.

    (2) Ted Mallires of Milford, Michigan, said “I have also almost exclusively moved to 10-pound-test Power Pro braided fishing line when I fish with soft-plastics baits. And it is a huge improvement over monofilament and fluorocarbon lines in most cases. It has a better sinking rate, feel, casting distance, and lifespan or durability, as well as an ability to cut and rip through aquatic vegetation. I have used a fluorocarbon leader, and I have tied by baits directly to the braid, and as far as I can tell, it seems to make more difference to the fisherman than it does to the fish, and around aquatic vegetation, I see no difference in the number of bites between the two approaches. One advantage to a fluorocarbon leader is that it is easier to tie a knot with it than it is with braided line, but no leader eliminates a potential weak spot in the overall connection with the lure and the fish.”