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Northland BI125-3-BC 125-Yard Bionic Ice Line, 3-Pound, Blue Camo


BIONIC ICE® LINE | Northland Fishing Tackle

Monofilament line has been around for a long time. It’s what most anglers use for open water fishing. Bionic Ice Fishing Line is a mono that has been specially formulated for ice-fishing. It’s sensitive and tough, but perhaps most importantly it handles very well even in cold temps. Monofilament is still probably the most popular line material for ice-fishing.

First, a bit about the different lines. Ice lines made of monofilament are manageable, reliable, and the least expensive. They have some stretch, so hooksets and sensitivity aren’t quite as good. Bionic Ice Fishing Line is a good example of a mono designed for ice fishing.

Calling ice fishing an “extreme sport” is no exaggeration

  • Northland Bionic Ice Braid Fishing Line

Premium smooth, tough mono line designed for cold weather performance

Spool up with fresh line. The edges of ice holes can be hard on line, so you want fresh, strong line on that first trip and every trip. In just a short time, Bionic Ice Fishing Line has been proven a reliable, easy to handle line that's a great value. If you prefer a no-stretch line for deeper water, take a look at Bionic Ice Braid. This stuff is sensitive and provides great hook-sets. Make sure you start the ice-fishing season with fresh line.