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Berkley BGQS20C-15 Trilene Big GameMono, 20-Pound, 650-Yard, Clear


Berkley Trilene Big Game Fishing LIne ..

Whether your fishing from the rocks or beach or fishing in the boat trolling to pelagic's or bottom bashing to snapper and other Reef dwelling species try Berkely big game fishing line.

Colour : Green Berkley Trilene Big Game Monofilament fishing line has what it takes to sub-due big game fish. With an improved, abrasion resistant formula, Big Game monofilament will run flawlessly through your guides with less friction, extending the life of your line and minimizing lost fish.

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Re: Berkley Big Game Fishing Line

Nothing wrong with it. Berkely just priced it like it should be...If someone put the same line in a fancy bright spool and put 29.99 on it, a lot of people would still buy it...funny isn't it...

Berkley Big Game Fishing line and leader from ..

♦ Thinner than most other IGFA Lines the Berkley big game fishing line 24 kg has a line diameter of 0.68 mm allowing Berkely big-game fishing line to knot with ease.

♦ IGFA Rated – Means you can use this line knowing that this line has been wet tested to IGFA Standards. So if your into game fishing for large pelagic fish species you can be confident in Berkley Big game fishing line.